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2016 Creative Living - take your creativity seriously 5 November

A creative workshop to help shift your thinking.


Cathryn is a very skilled facilitator and coach in her workshops and follow-up sessions. Her incisive questions gently push one to really think things through. ... Read more testimonials

Pam Blamey Art Therapist,

Facilitation - Creative Development - Coaching    

Maverick Minds provides learning experiences that help shift thinking and allow people to focus on what's important

Maverick Minds works closely with organisations, teams, and individuals to design and deliver creative, innovative and meaningful learning strategies and experiences.   

Maverick Minds helps clients to:

  • identify individual, team and organisational purpose
  • develop and deliver learning strategies that change behaviour and have positive impact
  • establish a culture of creativity that leads to innovation
  • create a shared understanding of organisational vision and values
  • explore innovative approaches for professional practice and organisational development 
  • think, learn, and lead differently

Maverick Minds works across the following areas.

  • Leadership
  • Communication and Relationship Building
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Culture 
  • Transition/Change

Maverick Minds provides creative development, facilitation, and coaching to:

  • improve communication
  • raise self-awareness
  • connect people and ideas
  • inspire insight
  • ignite creativity
  • build relationships  
  • create long lasting effective ways of working 
  • build intra and entrepreneurial capability, leadership, and great teams in your business







creative leadership

Today's business is no longer about doing business as usual.  All businesses require creative entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour. The 21st Century belongs to those who can bring their creativity and leadership skills to their personal and professional lives.  Maverick Minds workshops are designed to stretch people.  Inquiry is encouraged and supported through:

  • experiential/interactive learning
  • arts-based/aesthetic learning
  • action learning
  • reflective practice
  • peer to peer learning
  • listening and dialogue
  • creative and ontological coaching
  • artful and appreciative inquiry

These concepts are integral to our workshops, programs, and presentations to meet the needs of our clients and have impact for the individual, group, and organisation










Creativity is our greatest and most sustainable resource. It is an essential skill for the 21st Century. 

  • Creativity, imagination, and innovation are essential ingredients for economic prosperity, sustainability, and organisational development.
  • Creativity and innovation require a culture of inquiry, curiosity, and trust. 
  • Invest and develop the creative potential, capacity, and leadership of your greatest asset - people.
  • Facilitated creative methods are used as medium and metaphor and offers a unique approach for working with groups. 
  • Explore 'known' organisational challenges and opportunities in a different way. 
  • Reframe situations through a 'hands-on' creative lens
  • Gain new perspectives and insights; the possibility 'to see things in a new light' and to find innovative solutions.  

creative learning experiences

Creative learning experiences promote:

  • whole-brain thinking
  • entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial thinking
  • new ways to think about the culture and identity of your organisation 
  • relationship building
  • creative intelligence
  • collaboration and co-creation
  • knowledge creation
  • self-awareness
  • critical and reflective thinking
  • team performance
  • appreciation of diversity
  • different perspectives 
  • imaginative thinking
  • risk-taking
  • professional artistry - the opportunity to reflect on your professional practice as an artform

Effective learning, development and transformation do not happen in a linear way; it is multi-dimensional. Through a process of Artful Inquiry Maverick Minds Pty Ltd designs and delivers programs and workshops in collaboration with clients and participants that encourage reflection and dialogue.  The workshops give space for spontaneity, creative expression, collaboration, dialogue and change.

Maverick Minds philosophy reflects a holistic and embodied approach to transformational learning and development of people. Emphasis is on the learner's experience and placing people at the centre of the experience. We recognise the knowledge and experience of the people we work with.

Our belief, and what we see happen is the arts-based experience acting as a catalyst for stimulating discussion and generating meaning at an individual and collective level. The interaction and co-creation from those participating along with artful facilitation creates environments that support diversity and encourages dialogue, reflection, creativity and new possibilities.

Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Founder/Director